Bluetooth Headsets

Over the years Bluetooth headsets have become a hugely popular device for cell-phone freaks for the obvious benefits of the device. The wireless, hands-free device has become particularly popular with people due to state and local laws preventing direct cell phone handset talking while driving. With an increased number of hand set devices for cell phones, the number of Bluetooth headsets has also increased remarkably. The integrated Bluetooth technology is now available on a wide range of cell phones from a high-end Smartphone to more functional economy range models.
A Bluetooth headset is simple and inexpensive to use. The technology supported by Bluetooth is based on making communication between two devices over low frequency radio waves in the range of 2.4GHz range. There is absolutely no requirement of cables or wires and the two devices have to be Bluetooth compatible for the communication to take place. The application of a Bluetooth headset is not just limited to conversing on the phone but it has other advantages as well. You can wirelessly stream music, get connected to the web, easily transfer files and do lot more with this technology.

Features of a Bluetooth Headset
The basic call features with a Bluetooth headset includes rejecting and answering the calls, last number redial, call mute, voice dialing and many more. The more frequently used Bluetooth headset features include Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP) that allows for a dual channel audio stream and is especially popular with music phones and MP3. It lets you listen to your favorite music wirelessly and you can also switch between calls and music by just a touch of a button.
Audio/Video Remote Control Profile helps you to use a single remote control to control many AV equipment. This profile defines how to control the various streaming media characteristics. This helps you to pause, stop, control volume and start playback along with a lot of remote control functions. You can also use Bluetooth headset wireless technology in Dial up Networking Profile (DUN) and lot of other dial –up services and surf the web from your laptop by wirelessly dialing up through your mobile.
The Hands-free Profile is the most popular advantage of the Bluetooth headset. You can use a gateway device to make and receive calls from a hands-free device. For instance, in a car the car stereo is used for the cell-phone audio and the microphone is installed to send the outgoing conversation. You can also use Bluetooth headsets for your PC where it acts as a speaker phone for your cell phone in home or office. You can synchronize calendar and other information. Sim Access Profile lets you connect your car phone with the build-in GSM transceivers to connect to the SIM of a Bluetooth enabled phone.
The Bluetooth headset is now being used with a variety of products and has helped in making life easier to live so buy yourself a set today and start making your life simpler.