Bluetooth Mirror

Bluetooth mirrors are rear view mirrors that double as Bluetooth devices. They work by fitting over the rear view mirror that is already installed in the vehicle. The Bluetooth device connects to a mobile phone to make it possible to receive calls while keeping your hands on the wheel while driving. The Bluetooth mirror device also has the capability to communicate with other Bluetooth enabled devices. These convenient mirrors can be purchased here with fulfillment by our partners at Amazon.

This special mirror makes it much safer to use a cell phone while driving, and it can save the driver from getting a ticket in areas where it is illegal to use a cell phone when you are driving. Getting a ticket for this offense can cost more than the Bluetooth mirror costs. This makes it a very good investment, but the safety that it brings while driving cannot be measured monetarily.

A Bluetooth mirror is able to work with any cell phone that is Bluetooth enabled. The cigarette power adapter may power it, or the mirror may have a built-in rechargeable battery. Battery operated mirrors usually provide about 10 hours of talk time or 200 hours of standby time. The system may be sold with a microphone, power supply cable, radio mute, and other necessary equipment.

The Bluetooth mirror usually starts automatically when the car is started. There are some models that require the driver to press a button to start it, however. The LED indicator will come on when it is started. A very helpful feature of the mirror is the caller ID that it provides. When a caller is attempting to reach you, the number will show up in large digits across the mirror. The driver can then decide whether to answer the call or to let it go to voice mail.

The driver has the option of answering the phone call without touching the phone or trying to get to it while driving. The call is answered through the loudspeaker and the driver can talk through the microphone. It is possible to dial to make calls, to hang up, or to adjust the volume of the call without taking your hands off the steering wheel.

Bluetooth mirrors may have other features as well, such as parking sensors. These beep when the car is backing up. The mirror may even have the capability of receiving radio channels so that music or talk radio can be heard while driving. When a call comes in, the music stops and makes the call the first priority. Bluetooth technology is very advanced and can link the car’s stereo system, navigation system, and phone through the Bluetooth.

Many different companies make Bluetooth mirrors. Some models are more expensive to buy, but they offer convenient features that are not available on less expensive models. For example, one model has an automatic crash response that senses if the car has been involved in a crash. It calls for the police and an ambulance if a crash has been detected. It the mirror is knocked off during the crash, there is a built-in backup battery that calls for help. A cell phone can be used with this Bluetooth mirror, even if it has been forgotten at home by purchasing prepaid minutes through the calling device in the mirror.

Other Bluetooth mirrors have features such as wireless headsets. This is a helpful feature if the driver prefers the headset for communicating during phone calls. Another model has a night vision camera and non-glare glass that makes driving at night or when the sun is very bright extra safe. A wide screen version of the mirror is also made, which enlarges the view from behind as well as the incoming phone numbers and other information shown on the mirror.

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